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Issue 21  July 2021

In this issue

Issue 63 • January 2021

What is next for the US market?

The United States of America has many nicknames. Uncle Sam. The land or opportunity. The Melting Pot. The land of the free. The many nicknames I give it in private. But what lies in its future?

In this issue, we see how banks have fared in the first half of 2021 with a lot of good. There is also inflation to consider and the fintech boom. All of which is covered in this issue.

Growth in the US is strong, as it is in the UK. According to the IMF and The Times: “Britain will be the world’s fastest-growing advanced economy this year after the rapid vaccine rollout and support for households and businesses persuaded the International Monetary Fund to upgrade UK GDP more than any other country.

“In its latest forecasts, the institution said the UK will grow 7 per cent this year, revised up from 5.3 per cent in April, making it the equal fastest expanding G7 economy alongside the United States. Some of the upgrade is merely bringing forward growth to 2021 from 2022, but next year Britain, with 4.8 per cent, is expected to remain the second fastest growing G7 nation, behind the US.”

The nearest are Canada with 6.3% growth and France with 5.8%.

The US is certainly an exciting market and we will be here to cover it. It is still home to world’s largest population of wealthy individuals.

According to GlobalData: “In 2021, we expect the HNW population to increase by 13.4% and the mass affluent segment to grow by 10.7%. The increase in wealth in the country is likely to result in more individuals climbing up the income ladder, leading to a decrease in the mass market segment in 2021.”

Patrick Brusnahan, editor