My Wealth app and its Easy Invest feature was Best of Show awarded.

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1. Select your goal!

We all know that it’s easier to plan when having goals. Instead of complicated goal setup processes, we created an easy and simple way of goal selection.

2. Set the amount!

We visualize how users’ investments will potentially increase over the years depending on how much they invest now, helping them make their decision in a subtle way.

3. Choose your risk!  

Understanding risk levels might be confusing. We designed a way to make the risk level selection of the investment portfolio easy even for users who have never even heard about investment risk. before.investment risk before.

4. Pick what you believe in!

We believe investors can only succeed if they believe in what they invest in. This is why we let users pick topics they like, and we build their portfolio based on these decisions.

5. Review your portfolio!

My Wealth was built around the hybrid advisory concept – we believe in combining the latest technologies with the power of human touch. Easy Invest lets users get a professional second opinion before investing.

6. Inv​​​​​​​est!

By now, we have taken users through all the necessary steps to make them confident about the personalized portfolio we built them. Only one step left: let’s invest and let clients watch their investments sprout.

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The entire financial sector, the world of investments is going through the biggest transformation of recent decades.

Client expectations are changing drastically and users demand the same user experience from their investment providers as they do in their everyday life from the likes of Spotify, Booking and Amazon. In our white paper, Dorsum’s experts provide an outlook on how wealth managers can take up the gauntlet in the fight for the affluent clients over the coming 5-10 years.

How Today’s Innovations Should Infiltrate Your Investment App?