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Issue 400January 2022

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400 issues in and the issues are still the same 

It is a momentous occasion at Private Banker International this month as we celebrate out 400th issue. A remarkable achievement for any publication to reach, we could not have done it without our loyal readership. Despite only being editor of the title for only one sixteenth of its reign, this is one editor that is extremely proud.

What has changed in 400 issues? Sometimes, it is easier to look at what has not changed.

Cybersecurity is still an issue in the financial sector, it has been for years, and it dominates our cover once again. As banks gets savvier, so do cybercrooks and the rate of change is much faster for the criminals.

This also links into the everlasting legacy infrastructure problem in private banking. Investment is needed to modernise the firms within the sector. PBI asks the experts about that in this very issue.

Both of these themes were covered in the 300th issue of PBI.

So what next for the sector and the next hundred issue?

A variety of channels for private banking are beginning to be explored and will thrive. Clients, wealthy clients in particular, have needs and demands that need to be met anywhere at anytime. Private banks have to become omnichannel.

Also, a grand welcome for the mass affluent is to be expected. Numbers are getting tighter and banks needs clients. Whether they turn to traditional firms or wealthtechs is up to them, but wealth tech is yet to fully launch. If one does succeed, I wonder how long it will take before it is snapped up by an international firm.

Here’s to the next 100 issues!

Patrick Brusnahan, editor