Current and forecast offshore wealth

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This issue’s graph shows the liquid assets between 2017 and 2022 in both North America and Asia Pacific. It also shows the growth levels between years and which wealth band in which the assets lie.

Affluent bandRegion / CountryValue
$1m - 1.5mCentral and Eastern Europe99907.768693143
$1m - 1.5mMiddle East and Africa109996.130667997
$1m - 1.5mLatin America130065.694074167
$1m - 1.5mWestern Europe1008435.95121348
$1m - 1.5mAsia Pacific2370440.50394262
$1m - 1.5mNorth America3899292.55171799
$1.5m - 3mCentral and Eastern Europe138559.665411904
$1.5m - 3mMiddle East and Africa152559.94245186
$1.5m - 3mLatin America180386.625791534
$1.5m - 3mWestern Europe1398550.43754408
$1.5m - 3mAsia Pacific3287393.4211973
$1.5m - 3mNorth America5407672.51534426
$3m - 10mCentral and Eastern Europe199885.25306992
$3m - 10mMiddle East and Africa220084.991043881
$3m - 10mLatin America260249.889257525
$3m - 10mWestern Europe2017824.51423251
$3m - 10mAsia Pacific4743069.90344138
$3m - 10mNorth America7802184.82145118
$10m - 30mCentral and Eastern Europe98603.591296839
$10m - 30mMiddle East and Africa118817.745359329
$10m - 30mLatin America119756.763253105
$10m - 30mWestern Europe1211599.82526461
$10m - 30mAsia Pacific3551903.75086182
$10m - 30mNorth America5537533.22524025
$30m-99.99mCentral and Eastern Europe93816.52875679
$30m-99.99mMiddle East and Africa108997.202921491
$30m-99.99mLatin America147585.861547333
$30m-99.99mWestern Europe821219.10205169
$30m-99.99mAsia Pacific1331176.37373251
$30m-99.99mNorth America2234576.1207353
$100m+Central and Eastern Europe113132.972378477
$100m+Middle East and Africa159596.521273765
$100m+Latin America110221.400445397
$100m+Western Europe787325.776096932
$100m+Asia Pacific1797485.37523747
$100m+North America3099550.27063002