Private Banking in the Digital Era: Deliver high-touch client engagement with a OneStop Digital Experience

Moxtra’s OneStop Customer Portals enable continuous connections with customers, with an all-in-one suite of collaborative capabilities. Manage internal teams and external relationships in a private, secure environment.

In the highly personal relationship between client and wealth manager, connection is everything. Creating a space for transparent, responsive communication builds trust and is the key to longevity and brand loyalty to the firm. Throughout the history of high-net-worth clients and high-touch banking, wealth managers have hurdled obstacles and delivered white glove service, setting the standard for exceeding expectations. The technology available in today’s digital era allows wealth managers to interact with their clients in real-time, from anywhere, at any time. Digital portals are available for nonstop business, and clients are already accustomed to the on-demand economy and having services met immediately over mobile and web channels, however, private banking firms must develop the right digital solutions in order to implement an improved efficiency that acts as a one-stop extension of the firm’s brand.

In order to create a digital offering, wealth management firms need a consolidated, all-in-one application that has nonstop business capabilities from start to finish. Being the nature of the banking industry, firms must also deploy a platform that meets the highest security and compliance requirements for safeguarding confidential information and complete assurance to clients that their interactions are protected. An all-inclusive, secure one-stop platform that is a branded portal strengthens loyalty to the organization and also strengthens the brand image and perception as current and relevant with staying power.

While combining all business features in one easy-to-use portal is significantly favorable for client needs, the ability to manage internal teams with the same collaborative digital features ensures that the auditable transcript between clients and firm representatives stay within the organization, maintaining a client profile that persists through relationship manager transition. Moreover, with a digital platform with tailored permissions that mirror traditional organization personas, private banking firms can seamlessly coordinate and regulate team members to deliver brand-appropriate responses to external relationships.

Moxtra’s OneStop Portals power digital transformation solutions that enable organizations to engage with their clients remotely for nonstop business by combining secure encryption with integrated collaboration tools, all housed and managed within each company's unique brand. Rather than directing clients through a variety of disparate platforms, that which may not provide the organization with any receipt of interactions, the OneStop digital experience completes business from start to finish with stored records of activity for future reference. OneStop features include text, voice, and video messaging; screen sharing with annotated notes and real-time collaborations; digital signature and document management; task management; transactional exchanges; calendaring and meetings workspace; and more.

Wealth managers earn client trust through communication. While there is not a change to the dedication of service offered from private banking firms, there is a change in client expectations for digital services rendered. Rather than turning to piecemeal and disjointed platforms outside of organization control, firms must be thoughtful in their digital approach and find a solution that can seamlessly integrate into their established system. OneStop solutions power digital continuous business from anywhere in the world, keeping clients engaged and loyal in their banking experience.

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