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The next digital edition of Private Banker International (PBI) will focus on answering the hottest question in the sector right now: How will digitalisation shape the future of private banking and wealth management?

We will examine the key digital trends that are driving the future of wealth management – and how private banks and wealth managers can capitalize on these issues.

The themes in the next edition will therefore be of great interest to private banks and wealth managers around the world because we will analyse how technology is evolving to meet:

  • The needs of clients and especially next-generation.

• Help improve profitability gaps in the face of significant cost and margin pressures

• Better manage the complexity of compliance

• Enable private banks and wealth managers adapt to the increased competition from traditional, merged and newer entrants

In particular, PBI will examine how to create an engaging digital private banking and wealth management experience, and the importance of customisation and flexibility to meet clients’ individual needs.

We will also review the major robo-adviser and automated wealth platforms in Europe as part of a regional review. Finally, we will provide an in-depth review of the latest Blockchain technology applications in private banking and wealth management.

There are many changes, challenges and opportunities for private banks and wealth managers in the UK, and globally, to adjust to.

And as the next digital issue will explore, the disruptive forces rapidly reshaping the industry means no player can afford to stand still.

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