Profile Software’s Axia Robo Advisor Solution delivers a digital, omni-channel self-service to enable Wealth Management firms to offer an innovative and competitive approach addressing the mass market with complete automation of processes, security, reliability and compliance with regulations (e.g. MiFID II). Alternatively, Axia can also deliver a Hybrid-Advisory Solution, should personal advice is needed.

This is an innovative way to respond to market needs as clients are progressively accustomed and trained to use digital services offering unique user experience, advice, transparency, reporting and constant portfolio monitoring.

Profile Software’s Axia Robo Advisor Solution addresses successfully the above needs of both the Wealth Management firms and clients and gets the firm to the new digital era.

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Complete omni-channel Robo Advisory offering

Modern and workflow-based functionality to perform online, all needed wealth management operations, for both the investor and the firm

  • Self-registration and self-onboarding of clients
  • Automated client communications through e-mails, notifications and alerts
  • Pre-defined, automated and easily customisable processes
  • Powerful and easily customisable client risk profiling tools and automated matching with relevant investment strategies
  • Automatic portfolio construction and regular rebalancing
  • Flexibility to accept clients’ preferences and payment details
  • Advanced document management capabilities
  • Integration with custodian banks and market data providers

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Add significant value to your operations

Address the mass market, while increasing productivity and profitability

  • Automates and streamlines the full financial advisory process
  • Offers an elegant and user-friendly application for faster client acquisition and retention
  • Saves on resources and increases their capacity and productivity
  • Lowers client acquisition and operating costs, and consequently, the minimum acceptable investment amount
  • Allows the Wealth Management firm to address new market segments, offer an innovative service, transparency and competitive prices to its clients, while complying with applicable regulations
  • Includes pre-defined and customisable compliance rules
  • Offers unique flexibility and easy customisation

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A wealth of FinTech knowledge

  • Leading provider for over 27 years to Banks, Financial Institutions and FinTech Firms
  • Global presence in 35 countries
  • Worldwide Industry Recognition
  • 7 International Offices
  • Substantial Track Record of Successful Implementations
  • Continuous investment in R&D to deliver innovative platforms
  • Significant value to your operations

Profile Software has offices and partners across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and America. Please contact us at or complete the contact form, here