The Briefing

For this issue The Briefing takes a look at studies that show the latest on female wealth: Where it is, where it isn’t and how it should be managed.


Of high earning females prefer face-to-face financial advice according to a report by EY, which surveyed 250 investors with over £100,000. By comparison 28% of men prefer face-to-face financial advice over online or other forms of passive advice.


Of females use robo-advisors or online wealth managers in the US. The results are from a survey of 1,000 American adults and 391 fintech firms surveyed by brokerage firm Charles Schwab.


of high net worth women – those with over $1m – regularly donated to charity, compared to 87% of men. The results come from the 2018 U.S Trust study of High Net Worth Philanthropy which examined the giving and volunteering practises of wealthy households in the US.

Women were more likely to volunteer than men, with 52% of women versus 41% of men saying they volunteered regularly.


of global wealth is held by women according to the Global Wealth Report by Credit Suisse Research Institute. The report notes, “there are signs that more self-made women are succeeding in business and entering the highest wealth ranks.”


is the share of billionaires in Eastern Europe says PwC and UBS in their annual billionaires report.

This is the most unequal billionaire gender divide in the world according to the Billionaire Insights 2018 report.

The most equal is Oceania, which has 10 female billionaires accounting for 23% of the total.


The share of Chinese billionaires that are female. The figure – from the Hurun Global Rich List – is unchanged from last year, but according to its chairman and chief researcher, Rupert Hoogewerf, “Chinese women completely dominate when it comes to the world’s most successful women in business.”


of family office CEOs are women say UBS and Campden Wealth Research in their Global Family Office Report. However, the average CEO salary rose 11% this year to an average of $333,000 globally and $469,000 in Europe.