Transforming the Client-Advisor Experience: The Holistic Approach

The world of wealth is rapidly changing.

The industry needs to adopt a wider-reaching

approach to client engagement in order to stay ahead

of shifting demographics, geopolitical and regulatory dynamics. Wealth Dynamix looks at the benefits of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology in wealth management.

CLM technology empowers wealth managers with the data they need to provide optimum advice and solutions for a rapidly- changing prospect pool and client base.

This innovative solution provides relationship managers with a framework to effectively and compliantly manage clients as their wealth and relationship evolves, from initial prospecting to digital on-boarding, servicing and then transferring wealth within a single environment. With business intelligence at its core, this technology gives firms the insight they need to maximize opportunities and drive efficiencies across the board.


of firms citing the need to improve the client experience as a high or very high priority for their business.

 A well-designed and fully-integrated CLM solution has the ability to transform client relationships whilst empowering wealth managers to maximize the potential of technology and withstand future regulatory changes.

So, what makes a winning CLM solution and how can you maximize its impact?