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Who is Manny Cohen?

Emmanuel Cohen, known to everyone as Manny is the CEO & Founder of The Armadillo Group. He has been working in the Compliance and RegTech industry as an entrepreneur since the age of 19. 


e has developed a worldwide network of compliance operatives and multiple innovative data systems in the RegTech and KYC Compliance space. His wealth of experience is in corporate and business information, verification, on-boarding, regulatory compliance, tech soluations, RPA, KYC and due diligence. He often presents these topics at events such as the Global RegTech Summit and the AML FinCrime Summit. He writes thought leadership pieces for online publications such as private banker and also retail banker international.

Manny thrives on being one step ahead of his competitors and leading in the tech space for business. He continuously proves he can stay at the front of the pack with his innovative systems, currently delivering KYC and Compliance solutions to regulated companies and businesses worldwide.

He also has a thirst for adventure, representing the UK on the international bobsleigh and skeleton federation having  piloted bobsleighs himself, been an Air Force reserve officer, mountaineer and fencer amongst other things. He has also started an initiative in the Ciy of London to encourage innovation for the replacement of plastics and microplastics with sustainable materials.

Manny Cohen is Founder & CEO of Armadillo

How did The Armadillo Group start?

Manny’s background in company data and research inspired him to build his own online system. Over the years, he saw how complex, time consuming and inefficient the everyday processes were, and saw an opportunity to create something new.

This resulted in the creation of Armadillo, the first online corporate data and onboarding compliance information system on the web and the first to link with Companies House even before they joined the internet.

Today, the Armadillo Group consists of three companies that offer Due Diligence, KYC information and corporate compliance services. The company is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 accredited and the company has been on the RegTech100 list since 2021. Due to 25 years of innovation the Armadillo Universe has access to the world’s biggest KYC and due diligence dataset, spanning 450 million companies, 5 billion individuals and 1000 registries.

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How does Armadillo help regulated businesses?

Armadillo provides original registry documents, corporate reports, PEPs & sanction checks & ID verification to support regulated businesses with Know Your Customer (KYC), Due Diligence (DD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) requirements. 

The business’ newest offering is the revolutionary Armadillo Hub platform. The first system to be launched within the Hub platform is Armadillo Dig Deeper (ADD). Through ADD, compliance teams can query companies and individuals against a global AML database for sanctions, PEPs or adverse media. The system also connects those searched with other entities and individuals of interest, allowing clients to dig deeper for Enhanced Due Diligence.

How does Armadillo stand out in the Regtech industry?

Armadillo’s access is unrivalled in the RegTech industry – giving clients access to a universe of 450 million companies, 1 billion businesses and 5 billion individuals.

Being a highly regulated business itself, Armadillo doesn’t release solutions to the market without testing them for efficiency and effectiveness on its own business. Armadillo’s team have a deep and intimate knowledge of the stresses and pain points of compliance teams face, therefore are the harshest judges of the Armadillo’s solution – constantly fuelling further innovation.

Armadillo has been on the RegTech100 list for two years and has been featured in the Top 45 RegTech Buyers Guide. The company’s systems and unique network make it a recognised leader in its industry.

How has Covid impacted the organisation?

Digital financial crime grew during the pandemic, partically due to compliance processes being impacted by remote working. As a result, we saw an uptick in enquiries over this period.

The work from home directive also allowed Armadillo to further innovate to make the lives of compliance teams easier. The Armadillo Hub which was completed and launched during the pandemic, can move data and documents from anywhere, to anywhere, anytime. Linking all kinds of entities and systems. Eliminating the need for centralised working and inputting data manually. Armadillo also launched its ADD system.. Armadillo Dig Deeper, to check and monitor companies and individuals globally for Sanctions, PEPs and adverse media. Hugely apt for todays post Covid and sanctions environment.

Covid and home working also acted as a driver in the acceptance and requirement for Regtech, fully automated systems for compliance that work by RPA. This in turn eases the burden of DD on regulated businesses such as banks, especially smaller private ones.

How bright does the future look for Armadillo?

Having moved into Compliance technology, literally four years ago. Three years later, being awarded a place on the RegTech100, one of the top Tech companies globally within Compliance has put Armadillo into the middle of one of the fastest growing B2B industries globally.

Just 5 years ago we had never even heard of the word RegTech and now it’s in the minds of compliance professional everywhere. There are just not enough people of the right calibre to cope with compliance. So the industry has to automate, and that, is what we do. Further the market has just got a lot bigger with the current issues around the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as all businesses have now become aware of complying with Sanction rules etc. Armadillo has the products and the tech platform to protect businesses from prosecution.

That puts us in a great place in a great industry worth £120bn globally and growing. So we are really looking forward to leveraging our technology and experience to make sure we help our clients navigate the choppy waters ahead and adding a bit of Armadillo sunshine!

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