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Issue 25  March 2022

In this issue

Issue 63 • January 2021

How will you spend your money?

Money is never not a conversation. At the moment, it is more crucial than ever. From big markets and institutions to the cost of living, people are checking balances and margins are being stretched.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has even called the lost of living surge in the UK the worst in 22 years.

It is not just a rough time for the individual, but for the institution. Despite markets not in their best place at the moment (see inflation and the Ukraine crisis), firms and still managing to splash out on acquisitions.

Consolidator Wealth Enhancement has acquired Northern California-based RIAs Napa Valley Wealth Management and TrueNote Investment Advisors for an undisclosed sum.

Led by president and chief investment officer Kelly Crane, the acquired firms will be part of Wealth Enhancement’s InConcert Napa Valley Team.

Headquartered in St. Helena, California, the firms oversee over $400m in client assets. They also have additional offices in Walnut Creek and El Cerrito.

Furthermore, Stratos Wealth Enterprises has decided to acquire a 25% stake in financial advisor Robert Patti’s wealth management firm to strengthen its presence in the US state of Georgia.

Patti, who joined Stratos Wealth Partners as an independent advisor in 2013, managed approximately $280m in advisory assets as of 31 December 2021.

In addition, Unique Financial Planning has acquired Watford-based Gerrard Byrne Financial Service (GBFS) for an undisclosed amount.

Is this the time to be making deals? Well, there has never been a better time to grab a bargain or try a bit of negotiation. The sector will continue this until it recovers, by which time, we will have a completely new set of players. This will be a combination of new merged players, rebranded players, some will have fallen by the wayside, and other will have risen from their ashes.

Patrick Brusnahan, editor