Nothing compared to the live thing

Getting invited to events is something an editor can take for granted, but this one is still relishing them after their absence during Covid-19. Take the 8th Annual Digital Integration in Wealth Management Conference in London, keynote speaker, Iain Cowell of Franklin Templeton, spoke on the hurdles that private banking faces. Cowell stated: “We are all looking at the same problems in wealth management, in different ways. It’s exciting to come together to find ways to solve for the client – we all have to be running.” Umar Zaman, head of strategy, BNY Mellon’s Pershing EMEA, focused on omnichannel across wealth management. He said: “Omnichannel is about a seamless integrated journey. The technology is out there, however, bringing it together is really hard. Firms need to work on some foundational elements before developing solutions.” Furthermore, Nina Manning of Killik & Co described the difficulties in working with families through–generations. Manning described Gen Z as “a generation that does not think their outcomes will be as good as their parents”.

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Patrick Brusnahan, editor