News in Numbers


ANZ has agreed to sell 16.5% of its issued capital in AmBank at a price of MYR3.85 ($0.81) per share. This gives the sale a total of $444m and will reduce its shareholding  to 5.2%. 


Ellevest now manages $2bn in customer AuM. Ellevest was established as a counterbalance to a male-dominated sector, with the goal of giving women greater access to financial resources. 


Three innovative ETPs+ are being introduced by Leonteq and Alquant, a quantitative asset management based in Switzerland. These products combine Leonteq’s product and investible index structuring expertise with Alquant’s modern quantitative risk signals. 


Continued negotiations for a partnership between LarrainVial, a financial services company in Chile, and Edinburgh-based investment manager Aubrey Capital Management has resulted in LVCC, a division of LarrainVial, purchasing a 25% share in Aubrey.


Banque Audi (Suisse) has failed to comply with its anti-money laundering duties, put in place by FINMA, resulting in a major violation of financial market law. This was put in place by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).