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The Digital Bank of 2025

Discover the 3 core elements of a digital transformation blueprint and follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s leading banks.


ead how Komerční Banka (member of Société Générale group) is successful on its digital transformation journey by having laser-sharp focus and relying on strategic and technical support by Stratox Cloud Native.

In today’s competitive landscape, banks need to make decisions quickly in order to respond to rapidly changing customer preferences and nimble competitors. Whether it’s a new business strategy, a new business process, or a new market offering, banks are competing on speed and agility to win the customer. And these customers no longer select their bank based on the offered services but on the complete experience their bank provides.

Capable business and technology team leaders, like David Svejda, Digital Transformation Lead and one of the leads of the New digital bank initiative at Komerční Banka, understand that digital transformation is necessary to maintain leverage amid the constantly changing customer preferences and their quest for the best experience. Stratox Cloud Native and CodeNOW are key contributors to the banks’ journey.

The Digital Bank is value-driven.

Your business, application, and technology infrastructure must be built to reflect that. This requires agility, flexibility, and constant innovation.

The main drivers behind this push for innovation in banking are:

• Omni banking, breaking down silos in your Organisation, technology, and services to be able to provide an integrated experience and consistent information to users regardless of touchpoint.

• Modularity, allowing functionality and services to be plugged-in (and out) on demand.

• Agility, that needs to be embedded in the Organisational culture and be reflected in the companies’ software development, staffing, continuous integration, and deployment practices.

• Substantial simplification of the product behavior and processes available in the digital ecosystem.

• Being open, that requires for example API's and the ability to work in distributed teams.

• Smart Systems, leveraging the developments in AI, machine learning, and data mining.

The stakes are high but unfortunately many stumble at the first two milestones of the digital transformational journey. The first one being the alignment of the business and tech Organisation behind a common set of outcomes and the second one being the ability to build and implement their technology roadmap to generate lasting business impact.

A “Transformation Blueprint” is needed with core elements and a governance framework that allows your company to map your as-is situation and guides you through incremental improvement.

We will have a look at three core elements of a blueprint we propose using. Elements that were not only crucial for Komerční Banka, but specifically those areas where Stratox Cloud Native as a company and CodeNOW as our powerful end-to-end DevOps value stream technology platform delivered impact.

Transformation Blueprint (3 Core Elements)

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The future of aviation is strictly tied to several factors

Organisations adopting cloud, agile and DevOps for digital transformation aim to streamline their software development and delivery workflows. I&O leaders - in conjunction with application leaders - should adopt DevOps Value Stream Delivery Platforms (VSDPs) to improve the flow of value throughout the application delivery value stream

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Where are YOU on your journey?

Let’s have a closer look at these 3 Core Elements of the blueprint to determine your companies’ readiness and decide on what you can do NOW to accelerate your transformation journey.

Strategy, organisation & governance

• What is your enterprise currently undertaking to design, model, and develop a strategy that aligns technology and business, focusing on business outcomes?

• Is this strategy being driven and supported from within your company? If not, why not?

• To what extent do you have visibility in your enterprises’ data and application landscape?

Join banks like Komerční Banka and take a leap forward by designing your transformation blueprint and making the first steps on your cloud-native journey from within the company but with help from us.

Ask Stratox for more information about its unique and embedded approach to digital transformation developed and delivered by Stratox Advisory together with selected consulting companies such as Deloitte.

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The standard development platform (SPEED*) helped KB in starting cloud-native development based on robust unified grounds at scale - with multiple teams following the same development pattern and deployment pipelines. It is our platform of choice for long-term business-driven, technology-enabled transformation.

David Svejda, Head of New digital bank at Komerční Banka

* SPEED is a custom-developed platform exclusively in use by KB and commercialized by Stratox as CodeNOW.

Software development life cycle (SDLC)

• How does your enterprise approach and develop architectural and design activities for your business and technical domains?

• What steps are you undertaking to speed up the development of your cloud-native applications by adopting, training, and evangelising microservices-based architecture?

• With what tooling are you equipping your tech team (remote and on-premise) to support your application development and eliminate time-consuming hand-offs and ensure an optimal ‘flow’?

Just like Komerční Banka, align and empower your tech team with the tooling to let them focus again on business delivery and not on technical complexity.

CodeNOW is a ready-made software delivery platform that supports you in each stage of your DevOps processes. Speed up the development of your cloud-native applications in microservices-based architectures and deliver business value faster by empowering your developers to provision infrastructure and application components on-demand using self-service means and therefore without the need to rely on other departments.

Our end-to-end DevOps value stream technology platform is easy to use for software developers of all skill levels, on-premise, and remote and lets new staff onboard easily and be productive instantly.

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Operations & Self Service

• How does your enterprise approach and manage technology operations for its applications and components?

• Are you ready to optimise your operations and move away from the need for specialized and costly operational staff?

• Are you ready to embrace a true DevOps culture within your organisations?

Komerční Banka is on the right track in standardizing and accelerating both development and operations by having multiple teams following the same development patterns, using prefabricated technical components, and deployment pipelines. The unification of their developers’ experience has been the main catalyst for their performance improvements.

CodeNOW enables developers of all skill levels to build, evolve, and scale your applications risk-free, without any vendor-lock, need for specialized operations staff, and with zero infrastructure management investment.

Empower your developers to schedule, orchestrate, provision, and deploy software into production and use CodeNOW for logging, distributed tracing and have an overview of your service mesh with automatic service discovery.

CodeNOW is 100% open source based and delivered as a service with transparent pricing.

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Start your cloud-native journey today to be a Digital Bank by 2025!

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Delivering impact together

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