Key list: Asset bands across regions

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This month, our banking key list shows wealth across asset bands in each region, from $1m to over $100m, as ranked by GlobalData's Financial Services Centre.

Affluent bandRegion / CountryValue
$1m - 1.5mCentral and Eastern Europe99907.768693143
$1m - 1.5mMiddle East and Africa109996.130667997
$1m - 1.5mLatin America130065.694074167
$1m - 1.5mWestern Europe1008435.95121348
$1m - 1.5mAsia Pacific2370440.50394262
$1m - 1.5mNorth America3899292.55171799
$1.5m - 3mCentral and Eastern Europe138559.665411904
$1.5m - 3mMiddle East and Africa152559.94245186
$1.5m - 3mLatin America180386.625791534
$1.5m - 3mWestern Europe1398550.43754408
$1.5m - 3mAsia Pacific3287393.4211973
$1.5m - 3mNorth America5407672.51534426
$3m - 10mCentral and Eastern Europe199885.25306992
$3m - 10mMiddle East and Africa220084.991043881
$3m - 10mLatin America260249.889257525
$3m - 10mWestern Europe2017824.51423251
$3m - 10mAsia Pacific4743069.90344138
$3m - 10mNorth America7802184.82145118
$10m - 30mCentral and Eastern Europe98603.591296839
$10m - 30mMiddle East and Africa118817.745359329
$10m - 30mLatin America119756.763253105
$10m - 30mWestern Europe1211599.82526461
$10m - 30mAsia Pacific3551903.75086182
$10m - 30mNorth America5537533.22524025
$30m-99.99mCentral and Eastern Europe93816.52875679
$30m-99.99mMiddle East and Africa108997.202921491
$30m-99.99mLatin America147585.861547333
$30m-99.99mWestern Europe821219.10205169
$30m-99.99mAsia Pacific1331176.37373251
$30m-99.99mNorth America2234576.1207353
$100m+Central and Eastern Europe113132.972378477
$100m+Middle East and Africa159596.521273765
$100m+Latin America110221.400445397
$100m+Western Europe787325.776096932
$100m+Asia Pacific1797485.37523747
$100m+North America3099550.27063002