The Client Lifecycle Management Solution

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WDX 1 comprises of 3 core modules that work great on their own and even better together…

Underpin your new business strategy with our innovative solutions to increase prospect conversion, stimulate existing clients and engage your advisor force.

Automated and paperless digital onboarding for clients and advisors, driving efficiency gains and much improved client experience.

Manage complex relationships with intuitive 360-degree dashboards to centralize client relationships, products, communications and activities.

Our ENGAGE module helps you achieve your asset and revenue targets by engaging the key stakeholders involved in growing income – namely your prospects, existing clients and advisors.

Our ENGAGE module provides you with the following:

  • Significant efficiencies around time and resources to combat the cost pressures that you face.
  • A robust data infrastructure that, uses data both from long standing clients and new ones, intelligently.
  • Enhanced prospect conversion and stronger client relationships.
  • Intelligent matching system enables your prospects be matched to internal advisors through digital or intermediary channels, thus enhancing conversion rates. 

Your advisors are essential to your business growth. Disengaged advisors, lead to disengaged client relationships which will negatively impact your business.

Our ENGAGE module not only enhances your prospect conversion and client relationships, but also your advisor retention. However, ultimately it helps you deliver the business growth that you are targeting.


Using the ONBOARD module, KPIs can be measured and evaluated.

By streamlining time consuming processes with a ‘capture once, use many’ design to transfer data between departments and platforms, you can minimize onboarding times and administrative costs, allowing you to spend more valuable time with your clients. We understand the regulatory burdens you have, that is why we have specifically tailored our solution to meet all compliance requirements.

Our ONBOARD module provides you with the following:

  • Using Intelligent KYC capture which adapts to each client type.
  • AML Risk Scoring Engine to proactively highlight overall client risk.
  • Robust industry focused rules engine that can be used to continuously monitor the applicability and suitability of advice
  • Integrated digital signature capability and video integration for easier document collaboration.
  • Tailored KPI’s across all processes to drive powerful, actionable intelligence and oversight into volumes, drop-off rates, right first-time rates and average onboarding duration, in order to make proactive business decisions.
  • Delivering an exceptional client experience during the onboarding of a wealth client requires you to provide frictionless and personalized engagement. Streamlining this journey and providing a solution that feels more like ‘real-life’ is key to advisor adoption and firm success.


The WDX MANAGE module reduces administrative tasks by providing tailored and actionable client insight on communications, client sentiment and activities.

We enable advisors to manage relationships from a single location as well as providing them and their support teams with a 360º view of all clients, contacts, accounts and households.

Our MANAGE module provides you with the following:

  • Single, integrated view of client information across multiple business lines.
  • Actionable AI-powered insights & next best suggestions to guide advisors.
  • Integrated product selection and document generation and sharing with clients.
  • Advanced, next-gen client servicing for dynamic routing, approvals and workload management.

We make it easier for you to stay competitive and remain compliant by monitoring activities, demonstrating suitability, and providing evidence to the regulators.

We offer a unified approach to client and advisor input that provides better visibility and integrated actions, ultimately enabling advisors to spend more time on value-added activities.