Comarch prides itself on being one of the leading software houses in Europe with over 6000 employees worldwide and multiple successful projects carried out for the largest international brands. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, Comarch Financial Services, a business sector within the Comarch Capital Group, specializes in developing sophisticated software and IT systems for major financial institutions in banking, insurance and capital markets.

We focus on innovation, with large-scale R&D expenditure and highly qualified IT engineers directly involved in R&D across Europe. On top of what we do, our first priority is cyber security – it has been so since our very first IT project in the mid-nineties. We place special emphasis on strong user authentication and authorization.

Our expertise has gained worldwide recognition with a significant portfolio of clients from major financial groups in more than 30 countries.


Securing Enterprise Authentication Without Sacrificing User Experience

Comarch Cyber Security

Comarch Cyber Security department has specialized in the research and development of advanced technology solutions for IT security. In the last 20 years, based on our extensive technical knowledge and professional experience, we have completed more than 300 projects for about 50 clients around the world, such as banks, telecoms, or healthcare and government entities. We have also taken active part in the EU projects, where we were always highly evaluated.

Our flagship products are:

Comarch tPro ECC is a USB token for digital signature designed to meet the highest security needs of corporate and private banking customers. Unlike smart cards and other cryptographic devices, tPro ECC is driverless, OS-agnostic and browser-independent. Furthermore, the presence of a built-in button that the user has to press and release in order to authorize transactions makes tPro ECC an extremely effective device in countering remote attacks.

tPro ECC is based on elliptic curves cryptography - which is not only as secure as it gets, but also requires only a simple push of a button for a signature to be ready, taking less than a second of your time.

Comarch tPro Mobile is a mobile solution for strong customer authentication and transaction authorization based on two factors: what the user has – a mobile phone with an app; and what the user knows – PIN or pattern. Developed as a cost-effective solution for retail and corporate customers to boost their mobile banking security, tPro Mobile works both in online and offline modes.

Comarch tPro Mobile is compatible with all the components of Comarch remote working software - VPN, Document Signer and Geolocation.

Both Comarch tPro and ECC come in handy for verifying your bank transfers, so you can remain certain that the money you send goes to the right bank account, not the one controlled by a cyber thief.

Comarch Identity and Access Management is a solution that allows full control over the access to company’s applications, VPNs and workstations. It comes with world-class methods for identity lifecycle, authentication, authorization and accountability. Its modular architecture makes it easy to adapt to specific types of organizations across hierarchies and geographies.

Comarch Identity and Access Management identifies, authenticates and authorizes users by means of such methods as static and masked passwords, biometry or elliptic curve mechanisms. In short, it enables appropriate persons to access the required resources at specific times and for specific reasons.

Cyber Threat Protection is a powerful monitoring solution designed to guard firms and institutions against online frauds. The solution tracks both user and device activity to calculate a unique scoring for authentication, authorization, and more.

Based on the analysis of user work environment, the system returns a scoring that serves as a basis for further decisions, such as introducing 2FA, terminating operations, or making a telephone verification.

Some of the solution modules are Device reputation (analyzes a device being used to access a specific resource, e.g. banking or loyalty website), Malware detection (checks whether a website has been infected with malware and supports its integrity using an obfuscation mechanism), or Behavioral biometrics (checks on typical user activities such as taps, touches, clicks, or presses).

We also offer security audits, focusing on risk analysis, penetration tests, standard compliance, guidelines and good practices.

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