Editor’s Letter

What can we learn from 2020?

2020 has been a year of twist, turns, and surprises that have led us to a new normal. This year has also been filled to the brim with takes regarding the previous sentence.

One thing that is for sure is that private banking engagement has been altered forever. As often said, the sector is a relationship business. It becomes hard to maintain close business relationships in a year where most of the world was recommended not to leave the house.

However, technology has swept in and saved the day again. Remote working is now a standard in many industries and will be for some time. The lucky thing is that clients don’t seem to mind. Many even prefer not having to put on a suit and take a journey into the city. While face-to-face has gone downhill, engagement is arguably never better.

Technology has also received a boost in the “new normal”. This is set to continue in 2021. In fact, a number of new firms, both vendors, wealthtechs and banks, have decided to spring out of the shadows and launch.

This issue has a number of experts from private banks giving their insight.

Out insight also led to both our London and Switzerland awards, both highly competitive nights. The winners are below.

Happy holiday to all our readers and here’s to another year in a fascinating industry.

Full list of London award winners:

  • Outstanding Private Bank – UK – Domestic Clients: Hampden & Co

  • Outstanding Private Bank – UK Crown dependencies: Kleinwort Hambros

  • Outstanding Private Bank – Western European region: Societe Generale

  • Outstanding Private Bank – Eastern European region: BNP Paribas

  • Outstanding Private Bank for Customer Relationship, Servicing and Engagement: Societe Generale

  • Outstanding Wealth Management Technology Provider – middle office (vendor): Appway

  • Outstanding Wealth Management Technology Provider – back office (vendor): Avaloq

  • Outstanding Digital Solutions Provider (vendor): Appway

  • Outstanding Private Banking Technology Platform Offering: ICICI

  • Outstanding Private Bank for Next Generation Proposition: Bradesco

  • Outstanding Private Bank for UHNW Clients: BNP Paribas

  • Outstanding Private Bank for Philanthropy Proposition: Societe Generale

Full list of Switzerland winners:

  • Excellence in customer experience (technology provider): Appway

  • Most innovative private bank/ wealth manager of the year: Citibank

  • Outstanding boutique private bank in Switzerland: REYL

  • Outstanding customer relationship service and engagement Switzerland: Societe Generale

  • Outstanding Family Office Proposition in Switzerland: Stonehage Fleming

  • Outstanding Front Office Digital Solutions Provider: Finantix

  • Outstanding Private Bank Switzerland International player: CA Indosuez Wealth Management

  • Outstanding Private Bank Switzerland Domestic Player: REYL

  • Outstanding Private Bank for Next Generation Proposition: REYL

  • Outstanding Private Bank for UHNW in Switzerland: BNP Paribas

  • Outstanding Wealth Management Technology Provider in Switzerland Middle and Back Office: Avaloq

Patrick Brusnahan

Editor, Private Banker International