SpeciCred is a centralized platform dedicated to manage your Lombard loans with a risk based approach.

The solution monitors your credit portfolios with a powerful collateral allocation module including concentration capping, netting/offsetting rules, exception to policy, limit excess, and pledge allocation.

SpeciCred provide you a full overview of your portfolio, including a credit application module to simulate clients’ situations.

  • Collateral analysis
  • Credit monitoring tool

  • Pledge allocation

  • Stress test and simulation

  • Breach management control

  • Limit excess control

  • Netting / Offsetting rules

  • Strategies

  • Exception To Policy

  • Currency haircut

  • Concentrations

  • Credit request, workflow driven

  • Mortgage and insurance module

  • Key Performance Indicator

  • Flexible parameterization

  • Live mode module


designed by SpeciTec (Switzerland)

Main modules

  • Credit monitoring / Breach list
  • Stress tests Scenarios
  • Live Module
  • Lending Value Calculator

Other modules

  • Credit application
  • Key Performance Indicator 
  • Mortgage and Insurance
  • Reporting
  • SpeciBBG (market data retrieval) 

Business benefits

  • Efficient and interactive tool to monitor your credits 
  • A powerful solution including:
  • Graphical tools for dynamic pledge allocation
  • Collateral and Guarantees management
  • Risk calculation engine
  • Netting / offsetting rules 
  • Comparison tools
  • Exception to Policy
  • Alert management 

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